Thursday, December 29, 2016

Just the two of us

Lorraine and I on our own this morning, which was peaceful and a bit weird. Floated about tidying and so on. I weighed myself, and recoiled in horror. However if you are not going to be fattest you've been all year two days after Christmas, when are you going to be? A more reasonable day of eating again today. Lorraine and I went for a long walk down to the sea, through the lanes, stopping off for a coffee, and doing essentials like buying ink for my ink pen, and thank you cards that Lorraine must write to the thirty or so kids who brought her presents.

Nice to be sauntering along by the seaside. The sun low and bright forcing you to squint into it. On the other side of the downs the south gripped by fog, but Brighton it was blue and sunny. Much needed dose of sunlight and fresh air. We were tempted by kippers in buns, but decided to wait till we got home.

Eventually hopped on a bus and childishly surged to the front seats upstairs. Two down at heel Spanish speaking South American folks perhaps 20 years old at front like us. From half a globe away, it made me wonder why they came to Brighton, and what they make of it.

Home and a relaxing late afternoon and evening. Just the two of us night in, and I really enjoyed it. Lorraine cooked some exemplary fish cakes which we ate with stir-fried cabbage. A single beer as we watched the Half-blood prince Barry Spotter film on TV.

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