Thursday, July 07, 2016

Visits and readings

Up early and faffing about before setting off for Mill Hill to see Mum and Mas. Naturally there was some train nonsense. Cancellations at St Pancras. Mum picked me up at the station however, and we went back home. Mas up and about, with a big bandage on his neck. We however regained the car and went to the local Harvester for a bite to eat. I seized the opportunity to drink two pints of beer. Mas certainly looking a better colour and more lively than when I last saw him. He was rightly bemoaning his hospital experience though where nobody seems able to communicate what is happening, or why and you speak to different people everyday with no overview.

After chats and tea with Mum she gave me a lift to Stanmore, and I headed to Covent Garden. Only there was a security scare at Baker Street and the station was suddenly closed. The paranoia perhaps increased by it being 7th July when the attacks on London occurred eleven years ago. I am reminded of these attacks every time I go to Tavistock Square where the bus was blown up and there were 13 deaths. Anyway I cleverly got a train to Farringdon instead at West Hampstead, and walked to the Poetry Cafe from there.

Was rather dreading the reading tonight. Just not in an extroverted mood, and feeling out of sorts and negative about my own work and having had little time to prepare. However my reading turned out to be not too bad, and I read some different work this time. Actually a good night, Sarah Barnsley read some cracking new poems, and I got to meet John McCullough again whose new book is Spacecraft is really good. Jess Mookherjee reading too, and she brought along lots of pals. She is a real talent.

Sean who I had met at Catherine and Tanya's wedding turned up too with some of his actor pals, and it turns out he had ordered my pamphlet too.

Above all good to see Robin, who has recovered from her recent operation and introduced the first half.  Worried about train chaos, Robin, John, Sarah and I hopped into a cab without pausing for the customary drink afterwards and were soon on a train to Brighton.  Arrived in Brighton fairly early, and Robin having half an hour to wait for her train to Eastbourne, we had a quick drink in the station pub.

Home to find Lorraine in bed already. After I had kissed wife and had a chat, I made myself a late snack, watched half of an amusingly puerile Family Guy episode and crept into bed as silent as an enormous mouse, feeling weirdly cheerful.

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