Saturday, July 23, 2016

A relaxed Saturday

Saturday and a leisurely start, but I made off around lunchtime to the gym, and generally felt rather worn out by the time I'd pushed myself on the treadmill of half an hour. Then straight to Sainsbury's where my lovely wife and I did some shopping, encouragingly buying things like Pimms.

Home and Beth was back from Portugal looking sunny and cheery, and with a short horizontal line of mozzie bites on her back. John with us too before they melted away to the Preston Park Tavern. An afternoon snooze with my lady wife, followed by getting things sorted ready for Penny and Steve to visit. Lorraine cooking her trademarked chicken stew with lettuce and grapes, I tried to tidy the garden for a bit.  A pleasant evening with them. Penny a headteacher too, so both Lorraine and Penny in an end of term  cheer. A long lingering supper with wine and pleasant company.

Most Saturday are lived in the realisation that Lorraine has to work on Sundays. So this was much easier.

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