Monday, July 04, 2016

Tiredness and lovely sounds

Up early with Lorraine and happy to be working from home, although I didn't sleep well. Still feeling a bit tired and a touch end of tetherish for some reason. Ate some porridge sitting in the back garden, which peaceful. Some Telltale correspondence, then I worked for the morning on a new concept for my French clients, then off in the afternoon on the bus to Hove.

There I worked with Helen, listening to the lovely music she has composed, and getting to grips with the most thorny section of the opera, which involves protracted discussions about philosophy, and chocolate biscuits.

Mas back from hospital again today, with a big bandage on his neck. Spoke to Mum a couple of times, and briefly to Mas too. Also spoke to Janet and will pop over to see her tomorrow.

A bit early for my meeting with Helen, so I took the opportunity to go down by the sea, and snapped this inside the bandstand. Rather nice place to be for a few moments.

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