Sunday, July 03, 2016

Gardening leave

Lorraine working all day today. I spent much of the day in the back garden after we zoomed out quickly and bought an old fashioned mechanical lawn mower. It was only £20 because we had to wait so long for it to be delivered to the collection point. It cut the lawn admirably, apart from extremely long pieces of grass which I had to cut with shears. Also did weeding and became quite expert at wrist flicking snails into the unused garden behind me, then planting out some new snail food plants that Lorraine had bought recently.

Nice to be doing this than working, and when not working thinking about the bloody Brexit business.

I cooked jerk chicken, i.e. chicken that had been marinaded in a rather good jerk seasoning bought from a Jamaican woman on a stall recently, and watched the Icelanders being put to the sword by a suddenly fluent French football team. Trying not to cavort with glee too much as I do not have to travel into work tomorrow morning.

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