Friday, July 15, 2016

Firefly Friday

Friday up early and tweaked the poem about Chad I've been working on and then spent the working day doing creative concepts for a charity pitch. This necessitated a call or two with Matty. Work went well however.

Beth at home ill with a bad cold. My sore throat persists, but otherwise all well. Popped out to buy chicken flavoured noodles for Beth, and throat pastilles for me. Didn't speak much to Sonia as I was busy.

Once work finished I had the idea of popping out to a pub and reading some poems, but I went to the Park View which was strangely rowdy, Lorraine called and said she was coming home before going out again with her work people for an end of year party. I bought fish and chips and pie and chips for Beth and spent a happy quiet evening in, for my energy is low, watching three or four episodes of Firefly, the TV cult SF series on YouTube. Quite like it, and perfect for a post fish and chips washed down with a can or two of lager. Lorraine home having had a cheery evening but no booze having driven.

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