Monday, July 18, 2016

Work toads, garden frogs

Working at home all day in hottest day of the year. Lorraine up incredibly early to take Betty off to Gatwick for her holiday in Portugal with Sam and Jade and her Dad's family. It meant I was up very early too.

More work on the Chad poems which are coming on very well. Still surprised at how they are suddenly coming in a rush. The vacuous hashtag #sorrynotsorry came to mind this morning, as I sat in my little back garden drinking tea and working under the lilac tree in the corner, and thanking my lucky stars that I didn't have to train it to London. People were describing it as carnage at Brighton station a word that always makes me picture pieces of meat and dismembered limbs. But apparently the station was so full and badly served by trains (and of course sweltering hot) that they had to distribute free water, and quell fights breaking out, and close the station to people streaming back from the beaches onto an inadequate service.

Then the toad work for the rest of the hot humid day, feeling increasingly tetchy. A large teleconference at lunchtime didn't help. The work I had done on Friday was mulled over and much appreciated apart from the junior art director I am supposed to be working with this week, who plainly didn't understand what an acdcept is, dissing it in front of everyone. As an example of how to win friends and influence people something of an #epicfail. Not such a bright day's work this afternoon, so left off and went back to the garden. Spoke to mum from the bottom of the garden, having poured a very cold can of beer down my throat, then I made a decent salad for the arrival of my loving wife, who is happily starting her last week of term.

Later, I noticed cactus, the next door cat fishing about in the ferns of our wee stumpery, and eventually flushing out a large frog. Our two cats which had been sitting about like chess pieces in the garden, suddenly interested. This led to a protracted cat herding session, as each of the cats wanted to get involved and I was trying to shepherd the amphibian back to the ferny watery microclimate, where if it only kept still it would be safe. Luckily Lorraine arrived and helped as the stupid thing kept trying to make for the middle of the garden, where it would be most exposed to danger. After making lots of alarmed squeaks (it not me) I managed to shuffle it into a flowerpot and then back to safety.

Below, an interlude of peace working from home this morning.

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