Sunday, July 24, 2016

On or off

A slightly more purposeful day today. Found myself having chats about the pitch on this morning. Went out in the car with John and Beth to Martlett's charity warehouse, which turns out to be a good place. John got a desk and an office chair there for £20, something of a bargain. Having loaded up the car, Lorraine left them to bus home. We went to Homebase bought some bits for the afternoon's DIY. Drove everything home. Discovered that we had the wrong bits, so drove back to Homebase. Then fixed the dungeon door, replaced the light in the dungeon too, so now we can see how much it needs tidying up.

Then a two hour business with ladders, replacing the light fittings and light in the hallway, a process that dragged in Beth and John too. Lorraine phoning Pat to make sure we were doing it correctly from time to time. However. After an appallingly long time hand screwing the rose to the ceiling the light was in place. We flipped the switch and it was on. Stood back to admire our handiwork. Flipped the switch off, but the light was still on. For some reason the light will now not turn off. Everyone a bit sick of that light.

Spoke to Mum, Mason has been told there might be months to wait before his operation, which is galling.

In the evening off to collect Dawn from a wedding. Dawn fell over on the last day of her term as she was skipping off to her car to drive free for the summer. She broke her wrist in three places. Being Dawn, she is trying to see the bright side of it. We drove her back to Steyning and had a chat and cups of tea and stole some of her chocolates.

Driving around gave Lorraine and I an opportunity to listen to the Shakespeare Heptet CD, which is rather good.

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