Sunday, July 10, 2016

Into the fields

Up early and off to Brighton station in a cab with Beth. I went there to meet Anton and go for a walk, Betty off to London to celebrate John's mum's birthday. We got there early, but Anton was earlier of course. Got the train up to Balcome, bemoaning Brexit and so on.

You'd think a July walk would be sunlit and warm, but a low drizzling cloudy rain accompanied us for our walk of about three hours. A nice walk it was too, and only one incident when one our various phobias were triggered. This time it was Anton avoiding a field packed with fairly solid looking cows. We walked along the field next to it, but eventually had to return to the cow field. I simply walked through the gate and had to coax Anton through it who was already getting entangled in  barbed wire having sought an implausible route through a hedge.

Rained finely but steadily durning the walk, which ended up around the Ardingly Reservoir, which was full. The last time we'd passed there I think was just at the end of a long drought, and the difference was really noticeable.

We walked back to Balcome and caught the (luckily for us) delayed one an hour train back to Brighton. Although I am still feeling a bit tired and lacking in energy, I really enjoyed the walk and getting out with Anton into the fields.

To the Joker for some beer and Woof-woofs. The Joker strangely dead. Lorraine joined us there for some wings, before eventually she drove me home to carry on her Sunday work. Fresh air, beers and woof-woofs led to a protracted doze on the sofa. Came around enough to watch Portugal and France in the European final. A dreadful bore until the second half of extra time when a moment of quality from Portugal clinched it. Lots of moths on the pitch, including one settling on Ronaldo's crying face when he went down injured.

Saw an incredibly unflattering piece of film of me in the last day or so taken at the Telltale reading. I am so bloated and fat. Tomorrow a spartan unsmiling diet starts.

Below a by now traditional view of Anton striding through a field. A glimpse across the field, the Ardingly Viaduct from afar, and the Ardingly Reservoir.

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