Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday shopping

The happy weirdness of not having to get up on a Friday. After I had assuaged the carping of Calliope and Brian, I took my lovely wife up some breakfast and tea in bed.

Then a lengthy sorting of clothes that might be wearable on holiday till Sonia came, Lorraine and I went into town for various bits of shopping chiefly for some species of sandals for both of us.

I found I'd left my wallet at home, so naturally went on a shopping spree, buying two shirts, two polo shirts and a pair of sandals. Lorraine bought sandals too.

After this we popped up to see Janet and Ken, for a cup of tea and a chat. Ken looking pretty healthy, and Janet telling us how there was interest in her embroidery after a recent exhibition, and she was thinking of doing some more forest-themed work.

Lorrine and I bussed back home, and then doubled back to sip  couple of Friday beers and hamburgers in the Preston Park Tavern. Busy in there and the staff slow, but still nice to chill out with Lorraine all day.

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