Saturday, July 09, 2016

In pursuit of a pouffe

A very happy day today. Lorraine and I zoomed off after breakfast to Trading Boundries, as I was in the market for a pouffe. No optimal pouffes but we came away with a jug, a door handle and a coat rack. All good stuff. We like it there, and a look at Roger Dean prints, which are beautiful (if pricey). The colours on the authorised limited edition prints are gorgeous.

Then to Lewes where we spent a happy couple of hours looking through the numerous antique and bric a brac shops of Lewes, pausing for coffee somewhere and a bit later to eat some vegetable Bhajis from a little stand. The batter was gorgeous and slightly gingery.  Eventually we found a pouffe. Took to the cash desk, Ah, a pouffe, said the woman, and I said, I'll have you know I'm a married man, pointing at Lorraine. Carried the pouffe back to the car, then had a look in the Needlemakers section where we saw some brand new pouffes, and browsed in a little shop where I was struck by the Observer Book of Pond Life in several editions. I've always liked pond life.

Home, and Lorraine and I both conceived a craving for a pint of beer, so we popped down to The Park View to simply have one and have a bite to eat, with Betty who met us there after work, before she went on to babysit for the evening.

This consumed, then Lorraine and I went home and watched the first of the hobbit films, which was more fun than I remembered.

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