Friday, July 08, 2016

Looking at the flowers

Awake at 5:30 so got up with Lorraine and made us a healthy porridge breakfast. Got to work doing lots of things I didn't want to do. One of these was a big clear up and filing of stuff that had built up over the last month or so. Steeling myself to look at my tax and business folders in an attempt to get a grip on things. Also doing a bit with my lovely French clients. Reached a point of feeling a bit more in control by mid afternoon.

Started reading Spacecraft by John McCullough today. Lovely stuff. One poem I happened upon, Glitter, has a final stanza set in what must be the walled garden I go to.

Sonia came today, and we had a long chat. Brexit is making her wonder about life in Britain, and her and her English husband may go to Bulgaria where she's from in a while. She said she had lived through an enormous upheaval in Bulgaria, when communism crumbled, and according to Sonia everything got worse for the ordinary people. She said she doesn't want to experience another upheaval.

By late afternoon I was getting too tired to think. A strange hazy cloud hung over Brighton all day but according to Lorraine it was sunny just over the downs. She'd left her iPhone in the front seat of the car and it stopped working because it got too hot. Lorraine back early and we went for a stroll across the park to her doctor's for a quick appointment, then sat in the meadow section for a while before strolling over to get some ice creams. Lovely just to be out and about chatting with Lorraine, thanks to her doctor's appointment. We arrived and Lorraine had only sat down for five seconds before being called. 

Later we got fish and chips, and after watching an episode of Twin Peaks went to bed early. Betty returned home and went to bed early too. All very well behaved for a Friday.

Gorgeous meadow flowers in Preston Park. People were taking photos of it and just staring. A lovely area.

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