Thursday, July 21, 2016

The gym and Firefly

A bit of an interlude today. Went to the gym, and did something slightly nasty to my back on the rowing machine but apart from that enjoyed the physical release of it all. More than that I seem to getting increasingly paunchy. Lorraine and I are going to get a grip properly next week.  

John came around today, and dropped some stuff off. He's going to be staying here for a few days off and on, before his new flat is sorted. Otherwise I faffed about during the day not achieving much. But it was a much needed day of faffing I think. Feeling slightly decadent, I watched several episodes of Firefly on Youtube. It is excellent, great dialogue really strong characterisation, and a weird mix of a future that is cowboyish and also Chinese. Really fresh and interesting. The series got pulled apparently because it was broadcast out of sequence, the ratings were low and it was dreadfully marketed. It is really good though. 

Because Thursday is the new Friday and the last Thursday of school term is like a super Thursday, Lorraine and I went to the PPT and had a meal and a beer there. Lorraine starting to unwind a bit, which is a very good thing. 

Then home to water the garden, and Lorraine and I watched Love Actually for about the third time together. I really like this film, manipulative and a crochet blanket of plot holes and "that wouldn't happens" as it it. Emma Thompson in it is fab.

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