Friday, July 22, 2016

That end of term feeling

Up early, and another nice day. Carrying bottles of wine in a box for Lorraine to give to her teachers and staff at school. For today was her last day, an occasion for much cheeriness. Later she returned with a balloon, an planted orchid, little presents and cards and so on from parents. We had some bubbly in the back garden, then ate the delivery curry we'd ordered early. Lorraine then fell fast asleep from 8:30 on the sofa hit by a wave of relief. Only waking when I shepherded her upstairs hours later.

I meanwhile had spent the morning sitting in the garden again, working a bit on my Chad poems, then talking on the phone. An elf like John crept in and dropped some stuff off while I was blah-blahing. Most of the day working on the pitch. Till a little after four. Chatting to Sonia for a while, about the unluckiness of her husband.

Lorraine snoozing next to me I decided to watch a firefly and found with dismay that I have now watched all 14 episodes. Bah. Delayed rage that the show was dropped.

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