Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Buried giants, and pokemon

Feeling decidedly ropey this morning, but schlepped off to London nevertheless. Found myself in possession of a Kath Kidston keyring, as I had taken Betty's keys this morning. Feeling a bit feverish, and had a day of paracetamol-bolstered pitch preparations in Chiswick. Rather hoping I find energy for the pitch itself tomorrow.

Mercifully released back into the wild at 5pm . Started Listening to The Buried Giant on the train this morning. I really like it. At its heart is the love an older couple have for one another. But mainly it is about memory, and fable and so is fascinating to me.

Just as the train pulled into Preston Park and I had my hand on my phone about to call Lorraine, she called me and was parked around the corner. Definitely have lots of moments like that with her. Walking out of the station I had that contrast again of everything smelling fresh compared to London. Into the car and very happy to see Lorraine, who had just come back from her pilates.

Home and was rather tired and sore throaty. Beth suddenly gripped by the Pokemon Go craze, and had to go outside for a walk and track down Pokemon creatures that appeared on her phone screen as she went.  Lorraine cooked a delicious supper for me, and made sure I shuffled off to bed as there is an early start tomorrow.

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