Saturday, July 02, 2016

Green boots

Slow start this morning, thank goodness. Still feeling very tired. Up and about and I bought some green walking boots, and Lorraine and I went to the Book Nook where we had some book business to attend to.  Boots bought immediately as they were so comfortable when I tried them on. They were more expensive than most, but when I took them to the till they had £60 knocked off them and so came in very reasonably too.

Then off to Bolney for the Village Day, where there were lots of stalls and various events. The School ukulele band being just one of the attractions. We wandered about the stands, played splat a rat, ate WI flapjacks, met a woman from Haiti who is over to raise money for her school. Lorraine talking to loads of people. Impressed how many children ran up to her to say hello, and how Lorraine knew all their names. Spent some time there, watched as an unfortunate young teacher from the school got pelted with wet sponges (Lorraine had declined to follow the tradition set up by the John the former head of allowing people to pelt him with wet sponges) and a tug of war before we left having spent some time there.

Home and I slept on the sofa, then was woken by Lorraine and we mooched down (me half asleep) to the PPT where we met Rosie and her new pal Innis, who I liked. He is a photographer. Had a few drinks and various chats, before we repaired to bed to sleep like exhausted things.

Below some goings on in the village.

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