Saturday, July 30, 2016

The backs of seagulls

Breakfast in bed again this morning, and a few last bits tied up with paying bills and so on. Taking opportunities to sleep as I am still feeling a tired and wan. Sauntered off on a short walk to the shops with Lorraine, chatted with mum and arranged to see her on Wednesday. All good.

Saturday evening turned into an impromptu dinner party with Rosie and Innis. Sat in the back garden eating Bombay mix for a while, and serving the ladies gin and tonics before pushing indoors for a rather excellent curry that Lorraine had cooked. She does a splendid curry. I took Innis up to our bedroom and showed him the view at sunset, looking down on the backs of flying seagulls. He really liked the view.

Innis is a photographer and a creative spirit, and we have a lot in common. Enjoyed spotifying music in the evening while drinking and listening to music and getting suggestions of people. A good laugh was had by all.

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