Friday, July 01, 2016

End of the grind

A sigh of relief again this morning. Lorraine and I driving to the station. Kissed Lorraine goodbye in the car, a cup of tea from The Daily Grind and onto the train. This morning there was no need to work, instead I played Patience on my laptop, and listened to Villette, which I finally finished on the way home in the evening.  The final chapters were extraordinarily good, however, and it is a fine book well deserving of its reputation. But I had to be in certain moods to read it, and not a book you can just dip into very easily. In fact it took me longer to complete than any book I can think of. Pleased I stuck to my guns though.

A strange day of work. Still very tired, but worked hard for the first few hours, then the afternoon there was nothing much to be done. Went to a pub called The Boot briefly with a few folks, including Sarah who is just about to go on maternity leave. Chatted to Karam too. The boot empty and like going back in time to an old fashioned London Boozer. Karam at the bar at 2:10pm asking for a plate of scampi and chips, and the barman shaking his head saying, I can't ask 'im to make scampi and chips now, not after two, in a slightly aghast tone.

Fond farewells with Fernanda, Slug and others as I was released back into the wild. I like working in Tavistock Square but having worked through the previous weekend, and during the nights it had been a tiring week.

Got off the train at Brighton and walked down to The Shahi for eight, where Lorraine was waiting for me. A pint of Cobra not he table for when I arrived.  Betty joined us after a bit, having gone out for a drink with some work folks, which she enjoyed lots. Immense feeling of relief and tiredness. A happy meal with Lorraine and Betty, and great to be at home.

Below, a new building by the west side of St Pancras where I squeak in for the Brighton train. Rather like it. Not sure what it's for yet, as it hasn't opened.

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Mum said...

The building is for science and medical research.