Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Various occupations

Up early again, and decided to write a piece for my other blog about the Marketing involved in the referendum. Then read some of Marilyn's romantic fiction book Occupying Love and enjoying its Guernsey descriptions. It is a pacy love story set in Guernsey during the occupation.

In the afternoon off shopping picking up some bits for Janet and Ken, then calling round on them for tea and biscuits. Janet has been really badly knocked back by a virus she picked up a while ago. I hadn't realised she was in such bad shape. Ken looked better than I've seen him look in quite a while though, although Janet says he has had a dementia diagnosis. Sad to see my old friends going through hard times.

Home at tea time and I sat outside again, reading Occupying Love and drinking a can of cold lager.  Whoever tells you that drink is not the answer sometimes is a fool. I suggested to Lorraine that we go to the Preston Park Tavern for supper, and when she came back, and I'd FaceTimed Mum and Mas and she'd done a smidgeon of work we went there and enjoyed a good beef burger and their standard measly portion of fries, and a couple more drinks.

Home and early to bed.

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