Monday, July 25, 2016

Owl dodging

So nice to start the week without Lorraine having to get up with the sparrows. Lorraine already measurably more relaxed.

I was up at a civilised 7:30 took Lorraine a nice cup of tea, and then got on with some agency work about drought in Africa first thing. Then worked on my Chad poem, but mainly was wishing I was on holiday. Managed to work outside for a bit too, although Brian and Cactus from next door scrapping suddenly in the bushes about two foot away from me gave me a nasty start.

At home waiting for agency feedback for much of the day which put me in a bit of a limbo state, feeling like I was wasting time. Lorraine arrived home early, followed shortly by my feedback. We both worked in my study for a bit.

Supper outside in the garden, and Lorraine reading descriptions of where we are going in France in a week and a half. Haven't got my head around this at all yet. Later we came inside and did our duolingo courses on the sofa together, pleasing the passive aggressive texting and emailing owl who encourages you to crack on with your course. Spoke to Dave the art director, who never seems to sleep and was working on the concepts.

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