Sunday, July 31, 2016

Scrabble and boggling

A garden day today. Lorraine and I eventually getting out of bed and working in the garden for a bit. This soon gave way to sitting in the garden, which then led to a game of scrabble in the sun, then this evolved into a game of scrabble and a jug of Pimms, which complicated the scrabble somewhat. Mystifyingly Lorraine beat me by two games to one. But then she is a gamer.

Betty back from various travels up north and then to an engagement party in Essex. Very tired she was.

I managed to send off some poems this evening.

Introduced to boggling today by cousin Wendy in Canada. Wendy keeps rats and apparently when rats are really happy they boggle their eyes. She showed me a video of it, and told me about bruxing which is a happy noise they make prior to boggling.

Later I found this video of rats boggling. Little weirdos.


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