Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A cornucopia of copywriters

A sweltering night, sleeping with the big doors open in our bedroom. Cats locked out in case Brian had another roof climbing adventure. Calliope scratching at the door like a demon intermittently.

Up to London slightly after rush hour. A train delay (obviously) but I met Matty boy at Blackfriars, we went for a coffee then in for a meeting with the client the agency will pitch to next week. Nice people. Then after a debrief in an Eat cafe, we went back to Chiswick, carefully choosing one of the new air conditioned District line trains.

After work, back into London where I went to the Marquis of Granby where I met Robbie, Pat, Barney, Mark and Clare, all former colleagues. En route I bumped into another old friend, and copywriter Debs, who if her son hadn't been going to Zanzibar would have joined us. Fun to be catching up with old friends. The call of the seagull suddenly heard, and I legged off first, grabbed a cab and just missed my train from Blackfriars. Ate a thoughtful sandwich, looking at the Thames and across at Doggets where Bob and I have had many a drink over the years.

Home again on the train. Had finished A Far Cry From Kensington today. Really quite enjoyed it, very well written. Home very late, and watched TV for a bit, after creeping upstairs and finding Lorraine in bed with the sheets off and the doors open again.

Below a cornucopia of copywriters, myself, Pat, Barney and Mark. Robbie was there, but I didn't catch him in the snap. Clare Kentish came later.

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