Read a ghost story by M.R. James last night in bed, The Story of a Disappearance and an Appearance, which was rather good and hinted at a Satanic Punch and Judy. I had ghost story dreams and woke up horriblised at 1 AM. Soon to sleep again however... 

Lorraine worked from home for the first few hours. This is a boon which means she can lie in a little bit before starting work. A good midweek tonic. I was closeted in my study, with Pat and Keith on the screen, then just Keith and I. Working the rest of the day. I liked the concepts we came up with. The day ended vaguely, with a lack of clarity about whether I had finished, was to continue tomorrow or if I was going to pick it up again next week. I suspect I've completed. 

Lovely flowers delivered today from Jess and Andrew. Posted in a thin box that was able to slide through the letter flap.

Spoke to Mum, she has had her eyes tested lately. Because her eyes are changing, she no longer needs them for driving, but for reading. Spoke to Anton again at lunchtime. The weather has been rainy and unpleasant. 

Cooked simple stuff this evening. A quiet night with Lorraine, we watched a dinosaur cartoon film called The Land Before Time that Sam and Beth apparently liked lots when they were kids. Lorraine and Beth say yep-yep-yep! very brightly every now and then to each other. Over the years I find I have caught it too. Turns out it is from a cute dinosaur in the film.

And so to bed.


Mum said…
Actually I do still need my eyes for driving....