Calliope perkier

Rueful about last night. I should know better than allow myself to be provoked by idiots. Pouring with rain this morning, and I felt somewhat gloomy, but wrote steadily. Cheered up a little by a call from Anton however. I always feel better after a self-pitying whine.

Very good news later, however as Calliope's tests came back fine. Her vitals and bloodwork are good. They thought she might have a pancreas problem, but she is okay. The vets say she has either eaten something weird or has an infection. I had thought she might die this week, which was an upsetting. She herself is a lot perkier, although far from her normal self.

In the afternoon I walked across to Patcham and picked up some antibiotics from Top Cats. Lorraine picked me up as I walked back, and as I had not prepared any dinner yet, stopped off at Jennys for fish and chips. Once in a while, fish and chips is an excellent thing.

A more cheery evening, watching comfort TV with Lorraine while sipping a ginger beer.