Imps and guinea pigs

Up early working for an hour or so on the job I am doing with Keith and Pat, it only being 8:30 I took a quick turn around Blaker's park, before settling down to work, with an impish Keith in a window on my screen. Managed to nip out for few subsequent strolls around the park during the day, even if it were just ten minutes missing the extremely heavy rain in the afternoon.

Really it is easier if anything, working like this. Keith and I discuss the concepts and work through them as if we were face to face, and once Keith starts mocking them up, we see the same screen as he's doing it and I can tweak lines etc. and grow the concept together in real time, just like you would if you were physically sitting next to one another.  It all helps. A virtual meeting with Carolyn, Pat and a pleasant planner in the US this afternoon, where Keith and I presented the work.

In other news I received the lovely print of a pencil drawing of Bob Marley from Ellie. I was her guinea pig, to see if her prints could be received through the post in one piece. 

Fast chats with Anton and Mum.

Otherwise a fairly straightforward day with little to report, other than utterly torrential rain showers, and the delivery this evening of a sentry box style garden shed flatpack.

Below Ellie's lovely picture, still in its cover, and a cat that lives near the park that, despite its face, is friendly to everyone, and the morning sun at the top of Blaker's Park.