Slightly perplexed by an absence of contact from Pat about the work I'd done for him yesterday, eventually we spoke and he'd not received my emails. The agency server again took it into its head not to deliver messages from my business email address. We had a long on-screen chat and I sent the email again and all was well. Pesky tricknology. Turns out I have a smidge more to do tomorrow. 

Pat still donating plasma to the hospital, as he still has lots of C19 antibodies. Said howdy to Judith too. Despite seeming cheery, they had a bit of a horrid spring, both with the virus, then they've had a legal problems slowing the building work they are having done down to a snail's pace. 

Not much other news. Reading M.R. James's ghost stories, although a tad creaky, the scary bits are imaginative. 

Lots of rain off and on.  Blaker's Park is only five mins away, and thus a good place to stroll if I need to get back to my desk in a hurry. 

The cat flap on the blink today. Went out and bought new batteries and cleaned up the optical sensors.  Brian and Calliope getting miserable and stressed this evening with Lorraine and I grabbing them and poking them through the flat trying to reset it. It is still not working. 

A glimpse of Blaker's Park.