Not one of the pack

I wrote a list and managed to tick a few things off it. Luckily Robin had been able to connect our podcast with Apple. This is good news. Walked to the local chemist, who when I asked about flu jabs, said 'Over 65?' to me. When I rather primly said I was under 65 they said they had none, but might have some in a while. Also set up a dental appointment for December 10th.

Walked my 10k paces, into the autumnal woods, encountered two women dog walkers, walking together with a pack of  11 dogs all off their leads met me in the woods. Two of the dogs began barking at me. I don't know what it is, but dogs have been barking at me this year. The more they do it, the less I like it, and the less I like it the more they do it. I don't mind the odd dog, but 11 in one go makes you feel like a fox.

Down to some writing this afternoon, but one of those anti-Midas days when everything I touched, especially the most promising things, tarnished instantly. Gave the afternoon up as a bad job at 4:45 and simply read Naples '44 instead till Lorraine came home.

Another episode of The Wire. Went to bed early, Calliope came up to the bedroom and vomited copiously in the wardrobe. 

Another snap of the same bit of woods as the other day.