A sleepy Saturday

Both Lorraine and I in need of quiet recovery time. And the weather was very wet. I did some more work for my French client in the afternoon. Lorraine doing cross stitch, and listening to music.

Spoke to Toby, who was sitting looking at his garden which now looks very nice indeed in the sunshine. He was good, and pleased to be able to teach virtually, a bit strange looking at the screen instead of teenagers, but all good.

In the evening Jess and Andrew came around, and we had a delivery meal from the Shahi. Had to wait ages for the delivery though. An enjoyable night, and I seemed to want to drink beers quite a bit. Nice to see them, as we had not met up since February. Between them they now have three grandchildren, all of which have emerged into the world recently. Andrew lost his sister this year however. 

News today that Donald Trump is in hospital with Covid 19 -- a precautionary measure. While I think he is the poster boy for evil, I can't bring myself to wish him dead. Although his refusal to wear a facemask invites schadenfreude. I want to see him defeated in the election, and be ushered quietly into the dustbin of history. If only he were up against someone more convincing than Biden.