Dawn's birthday

 Dawn's 60th birthday today. Foul day of lashing rain. Lorraine and I had a slowish start this morning, then zoomed about. I got a private flu jab at Kamson's down on Beaconsfield Road, which was quick and easy, although being jabbed while looking at heart attack risk charts not my favourite interlude of the day. 

Then Lorraine and I drove off and shopped in Churchill Square, where I had not been in since the beginning of the year. Lorraine bought some skincare stuff with some vultures she had been given at school, and I bought a new watch strap. This a lengthy process, as the first one they started to put on cost £59 which I rapidly nixed. The second one, at a more reasonable tenner, was put on and as I walked out of the shop simply fell off my wrist as the buckle was faulty. Third time lucky.

Then off to Martlet's charity shop to drop off Pat and Maureen's rug. I ran out in the rain to ask if they were accepting them. The woman charity worker weirdly bolshy. Is it just me but I am finding people very hostile at present. Ran back with the rug and we made off to Dawn's. Dawn's initial idea was to sit out in the field behind her house around a fire pit. However the deluge meant we sat inside with her, and her pals Mark and Jane, who I have met on several occasions, and are very pleasant. 

A cheery time eating scones and strawberries and cream and a glass of bubbly. Mark and Jane had given Dawn, a home made matching shopping bag and mask that they had made. And a beautiful book with collages in it. Among our presents Lorraine gave Dawn a cross stitch she had made too. 

Dawn then off to meet her family in a local pub for food, and Lorraine and I zoomed off again in the rain. Happy to be home and warm. Both happy to be on the gold sofa tonight.

Below Dawn modelling her bag and matching mask, and the stormy sea as we drove past it, and the peace statue.