Rosie and my birthday meal

A cup of tea brought to me in bed by my lovely wifey this morning, before we surged up and at the day.  I am enjoying this extended birthday weekend immensely.

Lorraine cooked a roast dinner par excellence, with me as sous chef. In the afternoon Beth and James come around, brandishing pressies and bottles of nice wine, and so did Innis and Rosie.  Rosie and I have come to share our celebration being born a day (and many years) apart. 

A fun afternoon, a little bit like Christmas, with Rosie and I opening pressies. Innis and Rosie got me a gorgeous little collage with a human body and a cat's head.  Beth and James got me a toasty maker! As when Beth moved away she naturally took her toasty maker with her. Very pleased with this. Rosie got a bottle of gin that is like a snow globe with bits of edible gold in it, and a little light underneath it. Lorraine and I gave her the lovely cross stitch Lorraine had made, with a little butterfly in it and the name Rosie and two Orla Kiely pieces.  

A cheery afternoon. Lorraine excelled herself in the lovely vegetable department, and also cooked me an apple pie, which I love. I had two slices of it, plus another generous helping of Anton's cheesecake. 

Fond farewells with everyone, and a quiet and cheery evening sipping mineral water. 

Below we popped into the back garden at one point, and Innis snapped Calliope who had raced up into the tree on my phone. It's what you get when a paper photographer takes things. The light was utterly gorgeous, and set off Calliope's colours beautifully.