A nip into town

The force not with me today. Faffed about editing podcasts this morning, chatted to Sonia who says Barry is looking dismally at the temperatures in Bulgaria, given that it is cold and rainy here. She had also taken a citizen test lately, and failed it much to her chagrin. 

Late in the afternoon wandered into town to collect a prescription, and meet up with Chris Williams for a coffee. I felt unrelaxed. Walking along London Road (a.k.a. The Jeremy Kyle Mile) is at the best of times often an outlandish experience,  was an education. Quite a few people with masks, but about a third of them wearing them around their necks, with their noses hanging out, or in one case, as a nose-only covering. 

I walked into Bond Street, and met Chris Williams sat outside Caffe Nero. I asked to move however, as the people were too near. It was better to sit inside near the open door with nobody coming close. Chris is full of interesting travel stories, and told me about seeing the dawn on top of an Egyptian pyramid, having slept there for a couple of hours. He took photographs but says nobody believes him. Apparently a little before dawn a man came to tell him to get off, but being young and headstrong he refused. 

Walking back through town with my mask on, having a hypochondriac moment as I was feeling a bit washed out, when Lorraine phoned on the way home, and then simply collected me. Almost home, feeling myself again, I nipped out to Jenny's fish and chips, where as usual I was undercharged and also given an extra fish as the ones he'd given us were a bit small.

Pat confirmed some work next week for me, which is welcome.

Lorraine survived another week, tired and needing to decompress. This accomplished by sitting on the sofa with fish and chips and watching another episode of Death in Paradise, and some cross stitching and chatting.