Sick cat, angry night

Calliope very unwell today, vomiting, felt hot to the touch, breathing rapidly and looking upsettingly distressed. Beth kindly came by this morning, in between working, to drive us off to the nice folks at Top Cats. We sat outside, while Calliope underwent several tests, and had an anti vomiting jab and antibiotics. Once home, Calliope she sat on the chair next to me all afternoon, looking poorly. 

Otherwise I worked on a promising new story called Doctor Spotlight, and other bits and pieces. Made salmon stir fry which I ate with Lorraine, before mooching off into town.

I met the Beermonsters, and we ended up sitting on a bench outside the Evening Star. Good to see them again, although obviously the whole scenario was abnormal. Felt quite drunk as I haven't been drinking much lately, and all was cheery and fun till it was time to go. I needed a wee, so popped into the pub.

A masked employee who we had not been speaking to, stopped me, even though the pub was almost empty, and I was properly masked up. For no obvious reason he began acting extremely aggressively. He was telling me I could not use the toilet, and you lot should clear off etc. Given that time had not long been called, and that we were three older blokes having a very quiet beer this was ridiculous. I told him he was being ridiculously aggressive, to which he said good! I simply went to the gents, came back, and he added a few other hostile things.  To my shame, I ended up loudly swearing at him, and feeling very much like punching his head. 

This is the pub we have been going to for years, and I had never experienced anything like it. Feeling so angry rather ruined the evening for me. Apparently he came out of the pub to be obnoxious to everyone when I was having a wee too. A bizarre sign of the times. Took my leave of Steve and Richard in an irritated way, just to compound the evening.

Walked home, crossing the park, and had a toastie in my new toastie maker. Calliope sleeping quietly. To bed.