In a flap

Day started at around 4 am with disturbed cats. The black and white bastard had let itself in and was busy spraying the place and eating all the cat food. It fled as I went downstairs. Our cats traumatised. Locked the door of the cat flap, which is not working properly, and returned to bed, and lay awake trying to decide how to murder the black and white cat. Lorraine utterly awake too. Eventually we put on a meditation tape and fell asleep to it. 

One of the dispiriting consequence of yesterday's account bonanza was realising just how much money I was paying for broadband. Lorraine found an enormously better deal from Virgin, and I applied for this. Then phoned up BT to cancel my account, who then countered with an even better deal than Virgin, which I accepted, and then had to have interminable conversations with Virgin to cancel the order I had made an hour earlier. All calls to these telecoms companies requiring at least 10 mins of waiting before you could speak to anyone -- four different departments to cancel with Virgin. 

Then off to a petshop where we bought a new catflap and installed this, poking the cats through so the door learns their microchip. They were getting quite hacked off with this, as when we were trying to fix the previous  one, we were poking them through having reset it to factory settings and so on. Still all good now.

Still today's pain means that our broadband now costs less than half as much as it did. Win. Also cancelled my gym membership. There is no way I can see me getting back into a gym for the foreseeable future. Also investigated, with Lorraine's help, cutting my mobile phone costs. 

Spoke to Mum this afternoon. Lorraine and I are going to see them on Saturday. 

Off in a taxi to see Rosie and Innis this evening. Both the taxis there and back now have clear sheets between the back seats and the driver.  Still everything is a risk. Rosie cooked a nice chicken casserole type of thing with olives and lemons, and we had brought over one of Lorraine's apple and pear crumbles for dessert.  A fun evening.