Productive Sunday

On a bit of a mission to get stuff done. Lorraine completed switching us onto a different power supplier, we cat herded the cats and protected them from worms with a spot on treatment. Then we assembled the sentry box style wee garden shed we had sent away for. Worked well as a team. Just as we finished this I went into the dungeon lent over to do something and evilly did something to my back which went into a painful spasm. However I kept moving and put a hot pad on it, and it loosened up again. In the garden we cut down the tomato vines, and put them in the compost, moved some pots about and generally got busy.

Then a more leisurely afternoon. I am reading Naples '44 at the moment, a brilliant book by Norman Lewis, that Anton got me for my birthday.  It is Lewis's diary when he was an intelligence officer in Naples in 1944. One of the scenes of going down into the Catacombs to look for Nazis among the ancient skeletons worthy of any horror story. Just brilliant on all fronts however, on the interpersonal politics of the liberating armies, the locals and the still active threat of Nazis.

Spoke to Mum too, who had an excellent day out with Mas yesterday sitting by the fire at the pub, with lots of people talking to them. Mas has been cooking in the evening too, which is helpful for mum.

Roast chicken dinner, and we watched again the sad but brilliant series After Life, by Ricky Gervais.