Friday night out

Quite cheered by how the podcast business is going down. Lots of lovely comments coming in during the day, which is gratifying. Feels like a step in the right direction. I particularly like having it on my own phone, listed with the other podcasts I listen to. Feels like it is a 'thing' as they say.

Cheery chat with Sonia today, who was explaining that we should live in Peacehaven like her, because it is heaven, which made me smile somewhat. 

Off this evening, and out for the first time on a Friday night for ages. We met up with Beth and James at a restaurant called Med, and had a rather good tapas type meal, and drank some nero d'avola. Fun to be out, and a lovely evening. Beth on sparkling form, and James cheery too. And we sat by a table on its own by the front door, which they opened for quite some time. Still everyone had to get their masks on to move about the place, and the waiters were all masked. Feeling carefree is not something easy to come by these days.

Home by taxi. Rain.