My actual birthday. Sixty blinking one. This one however not at all traumatic. Lorraine gave me another pressie, which was Steve Howe's autobiography -- which certainly reveals, ah-hem, a lot about his personality and guitar geek side. Also a Molesworth book from Richard and Jane in Guernsey, and a card warning me against the evils of drink from Pat and Maureen.

The outside world somewhat grey and dour.  A bracing lunchtime walk however, after eating a cheese and tomato toastie which I snapped and sent to Beth. Dozens of lovely messages from people on Facebook, email and so on. Maureen and Pat phoned this morning, as did Anton and Katie.

Lorraine home early today, which was nice. A very pleasant day, after a cheery birthday weekend.

Below a snap from the wall of the hill fort looking slightly southwest in gorgeous black and white.