Our anniversary

Our seventh wedding anniversary, and the first day of L's half term. So I was mainly on holiday. A leisurely start to the day, although we had to get up eventually as Lorraine had to go to the dentist. In the afternoon we went for a brisk walk and took advantage of some sunshine. Then to M&S to buy ourselves a few nice bits of food. We stayed in and had a candlelit dinner, played cards and even performed a spot of romantic dancing. All nice. Wine, and starters, and main course of fish pie, and micro greens, dressed with Sicilian balsamic vinegar (bought last year at the price of liquid gold) and was very delicious, then little strawberry tarts for dessert, and cheese even. Lovely. Cats sat on empty chairs for lots of the meal, which was a bit comical.

Spoke to Mum, who was pleased to receive a kokeshi doll from Toby and Romy. 

Below Lorraine and I out and about, and the present Lorraine gave me for our anniversary, which now sits proudly on my desk.