Podcast day

Got up early, gave Calliope her antibiotic, which she ate up with no problem.

Lorraine working from home this morning. Reading the TES is part of her objectives now, and she did it in bed first thing. I was working on Doctor Spotlight first thing, which is falling into place very nicely. It is anxious and horrific, which is what you want in a dark tale. It is about a comedian being ambushed on stage. Betty phoned today, and I was able to consult her about the names of lights. 

Robin and I had a meeting at 11.00pm and decided to press the big button and publish our first Planet Poetry podcast this afternoon. All rather exciting. A much brighter Calliope joined the call too, after scratching the door like a poltergeist. Robin and I recorded a bit more banter about a poem, and then got on with the day.

A brisk lunchtime walk in the sunshine, around my usual haunts. This time unmolested by dogs. 

Home and then pressed go on the podcast, and the Robin and I sent out tweets, blog, and facebook stuff and so on to get the ball rolling. Wrote to Pacale thanking her again. She is a lovely person. Normally a launch might require some sort of celebration, but hey it's 2020.

Played Lorraine the podcast tonight. She liked it, and thought Pascale was interesting. Then we watched Death In Paradise. I enjoyed a single can of Hobgoblin. Lorraine had a hot chocolate. All well.

Took these snaps today in glorious black and white. Trees, and a view down over Wild Park.