Black and white clouds

October already. Up early to work on the Paris brief. Lorraine working from home for the first hours, before zooming off to school. I sent off the work, after working for a few hours on it, and then heard nothing. Walked my 10k in two bouts, and painted the bathroom ceiling, another coat tomorrow perhaps. 

Went for a walk and was shouted at twice, one after glaring at two teenage boys who were play fighting and almost ran into me, and the second by a driver because I was walking in the road to avoid people on the pavement. I put this down to the full moon in Aries. Otherwise very enjoyable. Love looking at how quickly the grass has turned green again and is sprouting back. Beautiful clouds today too.

There is another possibility of work in the pipeline. I have several possibilities now, which is a good deal better than nothing but tumbleweed and crows which has characterised most of the rest of this glorious year. 

I assembled a new office chair, which was achieved with only light swearing. Lorraine had bought it for me. I am pleased with it. 

Lorraine subdued and tired tonight. Stew, cross stitch and Death in Paradise on the gold sofa all seemed to help.

To bed early, torrential rain on the Velux windows, a sound that I love and makes me feel lucky to be in the warm.

Below some clouds in gorgeous Black and White.