Wanted: unrelenting drive and focus

Lorraine managed to do her own shoes up this morning, and go about business on her own. She is doing well. Horrible nightmares last night, waking up to feelings of obscure doom. Perhaps it was just that it was Monday. Or perhaps I am not writing enough horror at the moment to vent it all.

Stern focus and unrelenting drive somewhat elusive at present. I spent the morning tinkering with the layout of Magnificent Grace. Then I pressed save, and went to the gym. At the gym I realised I was a bit premature, and there was something else I wanted to fix. Will have to wait a bit before this can happen. A few bits of admin arranging visits to schools.

A quiet tea-sipping night indoors. Spoke to Mum and we agreed to meet up on Friday. All quiet on the freelance front at the moment, as it usually is this time of year.