A Friday that saw me getting out of the wrong side of the bed. Feeling irritable and the Brexit day hogwash not helping.

Phoned by Pat and will be surging off to Hampton on Monday morning, which is good news.

At lunchtime I dragged myself off to the gym, but when I got changed and stowed everything in the locker, I realised I had not brought my padlock. Unwilling to leave computer there I left again, feeling cross with myself. Went to a cafe called Cafe Domenica for a cup of coffee and a tuna melt at Preston Circus which gives work experience to young people with learning disabilities. A really good project. I was given a numbered spoon, and brought the wrong drink, followed by the wrong food, but all was good. Pleasant place, although I found I was in entirely the wrong mood to write a line of anything, and discovered that my fossil of a laptop really is on its last legs.

Decided to come home again, my mood not greatly improved by being attacked one of three barking  dogs, one of whom got hold of my trousers and was biting at my ankle as its frumpy owners shouted at it and the other two curs.

Home and chatted to Sonia. Lorraine home fairly early and buzzing from the conference she had attended, and after she wrote her school newsletter she and I went to the Park View for a fast pint and then collected a takeaway curry. Felt mood greatly restored. Lorraine's enthusiasm and positivity about being able to make a difference to the lives of people infections.

Only one outbreak of distant fireworks audible from Kenny Towers at 11 PM when the UK declared itself no longer a member of the EU. I exhaustedly bit my thumb at it.