Evening with the monsters

Another foggy damp day. Lorraine up and more independent now that her arm is no longer in the heavy cast. I had no urgent tasks and I had the luxury of doing some thinking, and catching up with a few blog posts, and fiddling about with some writing. An old pal Chris Amies got in touch via Instagram to say he had read and liked The Inheritor in Supernatural Tales.

Out with the so called Beer Monsters this evening, in our usual Evening Star haunt. Nick was there when I arrived, he is a mine of information about beer and brewing. We were soon joined by Steve and Richard, then two musician pals of Steve's discussing an upcoming Sumerian Kyngs gig. Later we were joined by Claudius, and who had with him a young rapper called Harrison who goes by the name of Aitch who I asked to find himself on Spotify for me as he was leaving. He was a nice guy and very talented. Later we were joined by Monty Oxymoron currently keyboard player with The Damned. When I grow up I want to be a wikipedia page too.

Drinking a strange dark pale ale, rather nice.

An interesting night with interesting people, all of whom apart from young Harrison knew my old pal Paul aka Dr Spacetoad.  Walked home, pausing only to eat half a bagful of chips. My diet is not going well. I had Ryvita and humous when I got home too.