Not blue at all

Blue Monday was fine for me. Parts of the short story I have been working on fell nicely into place, when I joined two unsatisfactory things I had written before to make one satisfying whole. Busied myself with this and a few other bits of admin and emails, then to the gym this afternoon where I had a decent workout.

Lorraine home in good time and I had a chat with her before going out for a cheeky curry with Ben and Rick. Rick drove us to the Elizabethan Curry House and we had a nice meal there, then back to Rick's place (just around the corner from me) for a cup of tea. Ben had just been on a weekend course on divine geometry, looking at Persian patterns. It required drawing millions of circles and not going mad. He said it was quite stressful but he learned a lot. Rick I learned works voluntarily for Crimestoppers committee, and before his retirement was responsible for security for the region's Post Offices and Royal Mail. Talking about climate change and so on. 

Then home, refreshingly sober, early to bed with my lovely Lorraine.