Curate's egg

Something of a curates egg today. Got in touch with the lovely Rosie this morning, and arranged to go to The Book Nook with her this afternoon. However, she was on the phone to them, and the first question they asked was what publishing house was it produced by. Which is the project's Achilles heel, jabbed first jab.

To the gym this morning, and in the afternoon off to Brighton's premiere Children's bookshop. A bit awkward as I am a leprous self published author, and they won't stock those books. The very nice woman there called Vanessa was flailing around to help me by suggesting things like looking on Google and buying the Writers and Artists Yearbook, despite telling her I have, actually, had lots of other stuff published. I went there with the intention of leaving them a copy and I accomplished this. It was good to talk to them.

A letter from my accountant letting me know about a smidge more tax to pay by the end of the month. Luckily not too much, but given that this is the neap tide of the Kenny coffers not exactly welcome.

The good parts were seeing Rosie, giving her a copy of MG which has a thank you to her in the back, and have a good chat with Innis too, who gave me a lift home afterwards. Home, and Lorraine and I sped over to the Preston Park Tavern, for a (for me) much-needed pint and a bite to eat, unwinding with my lovely wifey.