First Monday

The first Monday of the year, and Lorraine collected by one of her colleagues Max, and driven off to school. I felt strangely anxious first thing, but having wrote a list of things to be done this week, managed to carve through them all by 11 o'clock.  Paid my accountant, billed an agency, rearranged a school visit and made the decision to go with Amazon for the production of the paperback of Magnificent Grace, as there is less risk and initial outlay. Preparing the manuscript again.

Also took myself off to the gym for the great atonement, I am much less fat than I was this time last year though which is pleasing. A throng of new year newbies being shown around. Beth also back to her gym the last couple of days.  Spoke to Anton, to Mum about the financial advantages of being 60, and to Dawn about going into school among other things. Lorraine was home from work at an unprecedented 5 pm. Managed to eat chocolate and a shoal of lebkuchen so the diet part of it not being Christmas hasn't asserted itself yet.

My new slightly Harry Potterish spectacles have disappeared. Spent some time hunting them to no avail. The capacity material objects have to simply disappear is underestimated.