Rock Cakes in the sunshine

After a kipper breakfast, Lorraine and I rode on the bus down to Hove Town Hall and walking back along the seafront to Brighton. A sunny day, quite warm in the sunshine. Just loving getting the sunshine on me after so much grey lately. The water was high and the pebbles seething when the waves pulled back. At the Meeting Place Cafe we stopped to have a cup of tea and two of their huge rock cakes sitting in the sun by the sea.

Then we toddled back into Brighton, and ended up having a coffee before bussing home. Made a giant turkey stew from the stock I had made from the Christmas Turkey, rather excellent. Started reading The Shadow Over Innsmouth by H.P. Lovecraft. For his time, he was an innovative horror writer for the time, but his not even thinly veiled racism is vile and unacceptable. Reading while holding my nose.

Lorraine and I watching Call The Midwife tonight, L sad that the wrong uniforms are being worn by the nurses. The fathers of the babies are generally portrayed as nasty pieces of work in this show. It is a formula.