A quiet triumph on New Year's Day

A very happy new year to anyone who drops in here.

This morning I had the 24 poems of my sequence Sin Cycle published in Eratio Poetry Journal. The editor Gregory is based in New York, and is rather an excellent person, and this is a fantastic start to the year for me. Great that the sequence is published, as I am proud of it. Felt another wave of gratitude to Robin, Charlotte and Sarah for their encouragement. Lorraine pleased for me.

I woke up early, and decided I needed to make a decision. Either dwell on the symptoms of my hangover, or get up and start clearing up. As I crept out of bed, Anton texted to say he had already been for a healthy three mile walk. Lorraine crept downstairs too and we gradually made good, and had breakfast, after I had helped Lorraine get dressed. And then chatted to Mum who was about the task of struggling with Mason's hearing aids.

A slow day. Jade up late this morning, Beth mid afternoon, and Sam at around 7pm.  Lorraine and I had a short walk around Blakers Park, and Jade, Lorraine and I started watching The Sound of Music and Beth came down for that. Watched a variety of other things, such as Finding Dory, a Disney animation about an excitable fish with no short term memory.

In the evening, when even Sam was up, Lorraine phoned for a curry, and I nipped around the corner to collect it and it was frankly delicious. They were extremely busy, and it seemed as a good proportion of folks were fancying not cooking and eating something spicy after the hols.

To bed, after soberly sipping coffee, tea and water most of the day.