Enjoyable indolence

Another glorious day of doing little after Lorraine and I had got up showered, an affair using gaffer tape and plastic bags to keep L's plaster out of the water and us both in the shower at the same time to help wash her hair.

I mostly caught up with this blog and also posted something on my Notebook blog about Sin Cycle and cooked a vegetarian chilli which was rather nice. Lorraine braved a spot of work, and wrote her thank you cards to the children, who had showered her with gifts at the end of last year. Otherwise, we enjoyed a passage of indolence interspersed with the Norwegian Wisting detective series which featured skeletons at the bottoms of wells, which was rather fun.

The house immediately below us down the hill has had a extension just added to the roof. When washing up today I glanced out at the back garden and saw the lower half of a naked man striding about by the window. An unexpected eyeful. Lorraine and I debated what to do about this. Perhaps he hasn't finished decorating.

Trying to stay in a Christmassy bubble, trying to avoid news of fire-ravaged Australia, global climate catastrophe, Trump's morally impoverished warmongering with Iran, the appalling prospect of Brexit this year and so on for this weekend at least.