A Skelton signing

Up and prepping for this afternoon's visit to St Marks, which means getting a suitcase, and putting a box of books in it, as well paintings of characters, etc. Then I finished The True Confession of Karma Chameleon, and sent it to Black Static, then I paid the last of my year's taxes while doing laundry and so on.

Then Betty kindly drove me and my suitcase off to St Mark's C of E school in Staplefield. She drives very well, and conditions were dubious too, with dense fog and wetness abounding. As is usual with these schools, it is right behind the village church. I had to stand in a  puddle with my suitcase while pressing a buzzer outside the playground. Eventually gained access and went to the office. A very friendly little school, with a cramped little reception area where I knocked over several things including something called a gift tree.

Fetched by likeable class teacher Dan Holmes, and was soon launching into a spirited reading of the first chapter. The kids lapped it up. When I had finished reading it, I asked if they liked it and they all put their hands up and cheered, which was rather nice. Spent the rest of the time talking about editing, and showing them pictures and so on. The children delightful, they really are great fun, and I am beginning to that weird teacherly mix of being simultaneously energised and exhausted by children. A result too from a book shifting perspective, I went there with a box of 24 books and came back with two, which meant quite a spurt of book signing.  Some children decided they wanted their book signed on the back page too, so I did that. The customer is always correct. A couple of the kids said I was now their new favourite author, one said I was better than J.K. Rowling, which made me smile.

From there a cab back to Hateful Heath and a train to Preston Park, and trundled my now lighter bag up the hill. There are things I know I could do better, but all in all I was chuffed with how the day went.

Obviously nature abhors me feeling entirely pleased so got home to a same day (albeit pleasant and encouraging) rejection from Black Static. Unpacked my bags and Lorraine home early having been at a conference of head teachers all day. The head of St Mark's was there and it had already been communicated that the visiting author had done well. We sat in the kitchen for a bit, as I cooked us up a chilli and rice dish and even had a can of beer.

Dan snapped me while I was reading to the kids not a great colour. I wore my bright blue jumper, which I think of a bit of a children's entertainment colour.