Quietly onwards

Started a new short story, this morning which I worked on most of the day.  No title as yet.

At lunch watched the remainder of a documentary in two parts about the Jonestown Massacres in Guyana. Over 900 dead followers of a madman called Jim Jones. Apparently the biggest loss of US civilians until 9/11.

On the way to the gym I chatted to a couple I met through Matt Pollard some time ago, Basil and, I think, Michael. Talking about poor Glen lots while standing near the newt pond in Preston Park. All very sad and I hadn't realised they were such friends with him. Glen had so many friends who were all willing to help.

The gym is full of students, so I feel like coelacanth, or some other living fossil. I had not taken my water bottle so was reduced to lapping water out of my cupped hand.

A quiet night in with Lorraine and Beth, watching the quiz show Only Connect, which Beth is exceptionally good at.